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Our unique protective laser filtration system has been designed to accommodate the variation of facial size and morphology and as well as the many shapes and sizes of virtually all loupes and eyewear.

The many colors afford eye protection for many different lasers. The specifications on the ‘SHOP’ page will help you determine which Ease-In-Shield™ is right for use with your laser.


ViewMax Solutions LLC is a company founded and dedicated to preserving and protecting the eyesight of our customers and colleagues. We strive to maximize and enhance your vision and visual capabilities by making it easy for you to use your customary magnification loupes or prescriptive eyewear. 


The great majority of the 150,000 dentists in the US and many of the 300,000 hygienists use magnification loupes; and approximately 25% use lasers. There simply are no other protective laser filters on the market which work as comprehensively, easily, and effectively with your loupes or prescriptive eyewear as Ease-In-Shields™.

The ease-in-shields™ Advantage

Through the use of computerized facial studies and elegant design, we at ViewMax Solutions have developed a unique protective laser filtration system. This revolutionary product has been engineered to comfortably and effectively fit small, medium and large facial types and eyewear; as well as virtually all curved, semi-curved and flat-framed loupes, prescription, or safety eyewear. Ease-In-Shields’™ unprecedented and patented shape provides the ultimate in vision protection, along with the benefits of incredibly fast and hygienic placement and removal without removing the loupes or eyewear from your face.

Their polycarbonate construction is light and strong and less prone to fogging; and unlike other filter inserts, our protective coverage is complete and comprehensive and certified by Laservision USA’s Safety Laboratories. Even customers with ill-fitting loupes (or no loupes at all) can have all the eye protection they need by using the enclosed head strap option; which also allows for immediate placement and removal of the Ease-In-Shield™. The head strap option effectively enables you to pull the Ease-In-Shield™ up onto the forehead, and flip it back down with one finger, for extremely rapid and frequent intermittent use, such as with the use of a curing light.  Additionally, the head strap can provide excellent protection for auxiliaries and patients.

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Upcoming Dental Conventions and Meetings at which Ease-In-Shields/Viewmax Solutions will be in attendance and have a booth. Please plan on visiting us. December 1-4, 2019: Greater New York Dental Meeting (We will be attending) February 20-22, 2020: Chicago Midwinter...

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Ease-In-Shields are ALWAYS a big hit! We constantly hear comments such as: "Oh my gosh, where have you been? I've needed these for years!" "Thank God you're here, I should have bought these last year and didn't! I've been 'kicking myself' ever since then! (He bought 4...

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ViewMax Solutions LLC is a company founded and dedicated to preserving and protecting the eyesight of our customers and colleagues. We strive to maximize and enhance their vision and visual capabilities by making it easy for them to use their customary magnification loupes or prescriptive eyewear

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